Spring is here, which means I’ve got one thing on my brain…SUN KISSED SKIN. I am not a skincare expert, but I personally believe that my skin is at its best during the warm months. I often have a touch of sun on my face, am wearing less makeup and so on. It’s good stuff.

Next month, we are going to be chatting about a few of our skincare products we need to pivot to, as we enter into the warmer months, but for  now, I wanted to inspire with some practical steps on how to achieve healthy skin if you’ve been dreaming of it! Last year, I had the chance to sit down with my dermatologist, Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham and we discussed the essentials that you need in your skincare regimen; so, I want to reshare that so you can watch at your leisure. As you gals know from Instagram, I am a smidge aggressive and have 10 to 12 step processes. But I am here to tell you, that isn’t essential for all. Start where you can. Get comfortable with a basic routine, commit to it for at least 90 days and you will see RESULTS. I promise you that!

In addition to having a strong skincare regimen, I’ve integrated a few additions into my daily practice to help with achieving healthy skincare:

  • Dose Collagen Powder: Word on the street is that we stop producing collagen at 24 or 25, so it was high time that your girl included this, since 32 is rapidly approaching. I’ve tried a lot of collagen powders and hands down…this is the BEST.
  • Ritual 18+ Essential Multi-Vitamins: As I continue to thrive in my 30s, I thought it was time to step away from the gummies from Target and get something that would really add value. Jason has been telling me for years that off the shelf vitamins aren’t the best for you. This past fall, I tried Ritual and have been hooked ever since. They are committed to ingredient transparency, which I absolutely love. Additionally, the Ritaul vitmins include some key things that are essential to good skin. | To Purchase: https://bit.ly/3lGr3zP; for discount: CANDACE10
  • Water Daily: Such a simple thing we often neglect. Water is FREE and one of the easiest things we can do to achieve at more healthy and radiant skin. My colleague Meagan gifted our entire team water tumblers for Christmas and I swear it has increased my water intake majorly. I carry it daily and refill as needed. Water is great for our skin, because it aids in hydrating and flushing out toxins. Drink up girl!
  • Mara Retinol Oil: Again, with 32 on the horizon, it was high time to get on some retinol and I have fallen in love with one by MARA. It’s a clean retinol oil. Retinol is good beacause it’s a product that fills in the anti-aging gap for us…it softens signs of anti-aging by preventing wrinkles, assists in smoothing fine lines and so on. I talk more about retinol in the video with Dr. Shari!
  • Gua Sha: Looking to relieve facial tension? Time for a little gua sha. Got this done last year during a facial service pre-COVID and it was life changing. So I purchased one for at home use. This tool can be used on your entire body!
  • PMD Clean Body: And lastly, PMD Clean Body! A tool that focuses on your entire body. It’s pretty much magical and has 3 attachments. You will love it. You can use code CANDACE20 for a discount. Sometimes I feel that we get so focused on our face that we forget our entire body is SKIN. Adding this tool was a personal commitment for myself…to remember to be thinking of my entire body and not just my face. Healthy skin is head to toe!

And lastly, I’ll leave you with a few skincare gurus I love following on Instagram!

Courtney Kerr | Dana Omari  | Jenna Rennert


I hope this inspires you to put action behind that dream of healthy skin! You got this girl <3


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  1. The interview with your dermatologist summed it up. Slow and steady wins the race & sunscreen. This was so informative.

    Thank you,

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