Hair. We’ve been talking a lot about hair here lately and I am not mad about it.  I must admit, hair care doesn’t come easy to me…like fashion and skincare does. Along with leaning into my hairstylist, Brittany, I really have to invest time into learning what is best for my hair. As I have shared before on social, I am a straight natural who has fine hair. Honestly, it’s an interesting combo that I’ll never understand. LOL. But it’s my reality. I wash every 5 to 6 days and use heat about 2x’s to 3x’s in between washes. You guys can find the rundown on my fun wash process HERE! Currently utilizing some amazing products by Biolage’s Hydrasource range, which has been really great for my hair.

With heat being a regular part of my weekly hair jam, I thought it would be nice to share what hot tools I am using. In fact, towards the late part of 2020, I had a hot tool overhaul. I was chatting with Brittany about coming to terms with the fact that I would likely never wear my natural hair curly and that I like how it looks straightened. Once you’ve seen yourself a certain way for nearly 3 decades, it can be hard to imagine a different image. So at this moment in my life, I have settled on continuing to wear my hair straight, rather than curly. Because of that, I knew I needed to up my entire haircare regimen and that included getting rid of most of my hot styling tools that I had utilized for years.  So the research began and I found great replacements for my hair dryer, curling iron and straightner. As I say with skincare, please note that everyone’s hair is different! I am simply sharing so it inspires you to find your hair grove. Ok, let’s talk about some hot tools!


The Dyson. I’ve long dreamed of acquiring this beauty, but was worried it wouldn’t be worth the hype. After 3 years of dreaming, reading reviews and getting the go ahead from my hairstylist, I made the purchase. And friends, it is dang good. I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so I could get some savings! For me, I value the size, because it is easy to pack and the technology allows you to cut drying time…WINS. This isn’t a tool you need to purchase right away, as it is definitely a luxury, but if you are able, I highly encourage it. One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Planning to get the comb attachment for it here soon!


Yes, I am the gal who still uses a curling iron! In fact, that is how I curl my hair 75% of the time. I recently had a Hot Tools one that I really enjoyed, but it was uber old and a touch bigger than what I was wanting, since my hair is worn short these days. The Kristin Ess curling iron is something I discovered via Instagram, but I didn’t make the purchase until I saw Marche Robinson with it. She has the most lovely hair and if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me! Ran to Target and snagged this beauty and rest is history. This is the 1 inch and it comes with various heat settings!



The GHD straightener! This purchase came after 3 years of using the Paul Mitchell Nero, which isn’t a cheap purchase.  When it comes to straighteners, I tend to get very heat happy and crank it all the way up…like 400 degrees, which isn’t good for my hair and/or necessary. Because I was always tempted to up the heat settings, I knew that I wanted to find a fixed way to control that…insert the GHD straightener. There’s only one heat setting and it is at 365! It definitely took some time getting use to the change, but I am finally adapted to it now and really enojoy this tool. It is also great for curling, which is something I am working on these days! I too purchsed this during the anniversary sale from Nordstrom!

And that’s the inside scoop on the hot tools I use weekly! Down below, you will find everything linked, along with some other hair things I use!

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